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Anti Spam Services

Anti Spam service offers protection across all of Drushti's server lines and Provides :

  1. Multiple layers of virus scanning
  2. Superior spam filtering
  3. Attack prevention
  4. Redundant storage in the event of server challenges

In a recent study, Drushti found more than 82 percent of all mail processed within a seven day period to be spam. Without filtering, businesses run the possibility of drowning in spam and viruses, but effective spam filtering is not an easy process.

Introducing Spam Prevention from Drushti.

Anti Spam service is designed to allow the delivery of valid email while rejecting as much spam as possible when it first enters the network-before it reaches your server. This design takes a load off of your system by rejecting mail that isn't wanted or can't be accepted, and significantly reduces the chance that bounce messages will be generated by us or back to innocent third parties.

As part of this process, your email is stored for seven days, so Anti Spam service gives you the added security of knowing that in the event that one of your mail servers goes offline for any reason, your email will be backed up from the last seven days. Anti Spam service is priced at an incredibly low per month per domain. To register or have a trial run for 1 week, please let us know.

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