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Drushti SMS Services

Why Drushti SMS ?


We are caught in a complex world where we want things to be simple and easy-to-use. Welcome to Drushti SMS, we at Drushti are here to make life simple, Drushti SMS is a specialist provider of Bulk Push SMS and marketing services through SMS. We aim to make the mobile space easy to understand with campaigns that deliver great results.

Drushti SMS can provide an extensive range of interactive services for SME's, Corporates & Resellers. Our clients can choose from a wide range of existing, Bulk Push SMS, highly interactive 2-way SMS(Shortcode) or SMS Marketing or Integrate your applications with our HTTP / XML API's.

Mobile interaction is unique in its ability to reinforce brand recognition, create relationships with people and collect data seamlessly. It is the only medium that can do all these functions concurrently. We are quickly moving into an era where people demand instant service and the ability to access information and services whenever they want. Drushti SMS has the experience to develop and execute compelling mobile campaigns designed to exceed your expectations and the expectations of your customers.

What are the Uses & Benefits?

Group SMS can mainly be used for:

1) Mass Marketing & Sales Promotions.
2) Creating awareness about your Product or Service.
3) Sending Reminders, Alerts, Seasons Greetings, Notifications etc.
4) Increase Your Sales & Generate Repeat Sales

Benefits of Group SMS Include:

1) Quick Reach
2) Instant Response
3) Fantastic Return on Investment due to low cost.
4) Very High Response Ratio, better than any other medium.


1) Sender ID can be a maximum of 8 Characters
2) Message Size is maximum of 160 Characters
3) Works with all Telecom Operators in India.
4) Sender ID is Alphanumberic for GSM numbers & Numeric for CDMA numbers
5) SMS can be sent to All India Nos only, International Messages are not allowed.


To avail the SMS service call us at 9120 - 25531682 / 83. Also you can write in to us at sales team will get in touch with you soon

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