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What is Cloud Storage ?

DrushtiCloud Storage provides cloud-based data storage for storing, managing, and sharing any kind of data. Get more value out of your data and increase productivity with anytime, anywhere storage access and control through a wide variety of methods and devices, including:

DrushtiCloud Storage leverages Drushti's core advantages, automated services expertise, and industry-leading Private Network to provide the highest level of security, flexibility, and ease of use. It is available as a stand alone service or can be seamlessly integrated with Drushti dedicated servers, virtual servers, additional services, and all other DrushtiCloud services to create a unified computing environment with unequaled efficiency and interoperability.


It is Beneficial to:

DrushtiCloud Storage is ideal for any individual or enterprise to store and manage data of any kind, with applications including:

Storage Technologies

DrushtiCloud Storage leverages Drushti's advanced StorageLayer solution, which integrates industry-leading technologies into a unified storage environment with the ultimate level of security, reliability, and flexibility. StorageLayer utilizes:

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