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Proxy Server

What are the advantages of having Proxy server?

  1. Secure the internal network from malware.
  2. Filter and a manage Internet usage from one machine.
  3. Administrator can detect suspicious activity even if the user is unaware of the problem.
  4. Cuts down on the amount of bandwidth usage.
  5. Less Internet traffic through one computer.

Proxy Server Features :

  1. Restriction on the basis of time, site, subject, group.
  2. IP and User authentication policies.
  3. MAC ID authentication.
  4. URL/Domain/IP Filtering.
  5. Download Restriction according to extension e.g. .exe, .mp3, .zip etc.
  6. Alters, reports and logs of accessed banned sites, IP, etc. by user wise, site wise, day wise, time wise and machine wise. (Daily, weekly or monthly).

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