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Server Management and Administration Features by Drushti

  • Network & SLA's
  • 24/7/365 Hands/Eyes Console Access
  • Root/Administration Access
  • Ping Monitoring
  • Service Monitoring (up to xx services)
  • Server Administration
  • Response Time SLA
  • Remote Access
  • Priority Escalation
  • OS Reloads
  • OS updates, hardening and patches
  • Check and clean the mail queue
  • Hard Disk checking tool
  • Mailmon - Sendmail monitor
  • Anti Virus installation and configuration
  • PMON - Network socket monitor
  • Set cron jobs to remove log files
  • MailScanner install and configuration Optional Checking for root kits Scan for root kit on the server
  • Check logs and block all suspect ips
  • Check server load and partitions to perform maintenance activities Check /proc for hidden or unwanted processes
  • Clean up unwanted files from /tmp
  • Check tcp connections and make sure no unwanted ips or ports are listed

Additional Features :

Database Administration Services

  • Database status monitoring
  • Professional DBA support
  • 24x7 DBA monitoring and 99.9% uptime of data
  • Implementation and enforcement of security for databases and to manage database users and licenses. Defining and/ or implementing access controls to the data
  • Ongoing performance tuning of all the database instances.
  • Troubleshooting regarding the databases and related tools.
  • Availability - Ensuring maximum uptime
  • Health check-ups & monitoring
  • Checklist for day-to-day operations
  • Resource utilization management
  • Documents Backup and Data Recovery strategy
  • Verify Backups
  • Notification of system alerts due to performance, Availability and Resources

For tailor made managed services call us at 9120 - 25531682/83 Or Mail us at

Mail Server Management Features

  • Create and delete users
  • Change names & passwords
  • Set or change forwarding details
  • Set or change auto responder details
  • Import mail for other accounts
  • Centralize mail by retrieving mail from other accounts
  • Set limits on users activities
  • Configure how to handle unknown users
  • Set up additional spam filtering for your domains
  • Set up access type and level for each account
  • Set up auto responders, mailing lists etc.
  • Send copy of users incoming or outgoing mail to another account
  • Complex custom configurations and many more features available

For tailor made managed services call us at 9120 - 25531682/83 Or Mail us at

Web Server Management Features


  • Consultation on software and hardware configuration
  • PHP, MySQL, Apache installation and configuration
  • High-performance web server(Ex: Apache,IIS,lighttpd etc..)installation and configuration


  • Transfer of an existing X-Cart store to a new host
  • Installation of third-party web applications (X-Cart modules,forums, content management systems, photo galleries, etc...)
  • PHP, MySQL, Apache,IIS maintenance and upgrade


  • PCI-DSS compliant server setup
  • SSL certificate and SSL logo installation (including CSR generationand assistance in purchasing the certificate)
  • Security audit and secure web-server configuration


  • Server optimization for X-Cart software
  • Tuning and optimization of high-loaded stores, sites and servers
  • PHP/MySQL/Apache/IIS settings optimization

For tailor made managed services call us at 9120 - 25531682/83 Or Mail us at

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